Eighteen Wheelers

Eighteen wheelers carry out goods from one destination to another. When eighteen wheelers bring goods for us, it benefits us so that we never have a scarcity of any one item. On the freeway though, they tend to make everyone alert or conscious about their own speed. The trailer trucks have certain limits to what they can carry, so they won’t carry too much of an amount. They know to be alert when they are driving the trailer truck, they are trained to do so.



Wrecks, damages, and accidents are all that come out from eighteen wheelers. Eighteen wheeler drivers have long distances to drive, therefor they are not one hundred percent wide awake. With them not being wide awake it is dangerous to be around eighteen wheelers on the freeway. Especially for me, my car is very tiny and if the driver is not fully awake they can damage my car in a flash. Eighteen wheelers are not looking out for other cars they are focused on getting to their destination.


4 thoughts on “Eighteen Wheelers

  1. Yes it is a real pain to drive next to these in morning traffic. They can block your view of oncoming streelights if you drive behind or just make you feel anxious when driving next to them. I typically just try to pass them if all possible.

  2. You should see them taking all the lanes on the freeway when you’re in a rush to go somewhere -.- It’s a pain to see them surrounding your car when they don’t realize it. They are good on transporting goods and what not, they are scary especially if they are the causes of accidents. They can like squish a small car completely.

  3. I commute to work so I know the pains of being stuck behind or next to one of these. I’ve had bits of rocks and such fly onto my window or on the front of my car. It’s also a pain when they try to switch lanes unexpectedly.

  4. This is so true. I understand the work of eighteen wheelers, but they still freak me out when i drive by them so I try to avoid them as much as possible.

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